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Virtual Conferences: keep your business up and running & your staff protected

In these uncertain times many companies are turning to video conferencing, live streaming, webcasts and webinars to help deliver their message to their audience, without the ‘live’ event.

Traditionally live events always focused on the people in the room as the ‘main’ audience and those watching online as the secondary audience. This is now changing.

We have developed our traditional streaming services to take the stress out of running a virtual meeting:

  • You can stream presenters from anywhere in the world to an audience anywhere in the world
  • Your audience can engage with the presenters and feed their own content and questions back again
  • Delivering the full event experience without people having to leave their home or office.


Award-winning video conferencing events, live streaming and webcasts

With a reliable interactive solution HAV produce award-winning video conferencing events, live streaming, webcasts and webinars. These virtual conferences are perfect for businesses and organisations who need to reach a global audience, save money, improve engagement and keep their workforce safe.

Whether you are planning a secure internal event or global broadcast on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook we have the best solution to support your business.

Call for no-obligation advice & options please call us on 0345 388 0110.

Your Video Conferencing event or Virtual Conference Includes:

  • Private or public link to share with your delegates in advance of livestream broadcast
  • Option of livestream ‘meeting’ or ‘webinar’ to include multiple presenters from around the world
  • Production equipment, cameras, switcher and on site technical support throughout the stream to ensure all runs smoothly
  • Options of host platform for the stream: Zoom, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, to best meet your needs
  • Recording of the Livestream to enable you to share on your chosen platform post-event
  • Presenter view with slides (Slides overlaid with video footage)
  • Live Polling and Q & A facility, as well as ‘a virtual hand-raising function for audience participation.
  • Multiple cameras angles are possible
  • Presenter training and pre-test

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