Case Study: Heathrow

Event Type: Conference
Location: London
Audience Numbers: 300

After being selected from an extensive tender process, our conference stage set design team couldn’t wait to get to work with audiovisual designs for the six spaces, which incorporated a main ballroom, overspill room, reception/networking room & three breakout rooms.

Our project managers were in regular contact with event organisers in the run-up to the event to finalise designs & sign off on layouts for each area. As regular providers of conference audio visual and production in and around London, we are well used to logistical challenges in this area & planning of load in & load out for the larger Conference Stage Set flats was particularly challenging due to a short build schedule, lifts with tight dimensions, & limited access to hotel stairwells during daytime hours.

Once load-in was completed, the Humphries Audio Visual team set about building a 12m wide custom conference stage set to the client’s specifications.

Conference Stage Set

After close consultation with the customer during the event planning process we were able to create a custom stage set design that incorporated the event branding & logos. This included individual flats that were branded to create one flowing graphic across the front of the set. The set included a rear projection screen framed with a black border & offset in the design to allow for a panel discussion to take place on stage without obscuring the attendee’s view of the projection screen.


Audio Visual Hire

Humphries Audio Visual delivered, set up & managed the audio-visual requirements of the event, all from our in-house stock, including sound, lighting, video, staging & projection.

Ball Room

In the ballroom, our main branded stage set design was complemented with a full lighting package which incorporated high-power LED uplighting of both the stage set & room as a whole. A branded conference lectern was used to tie this with the design as a whole. For the audio system additional challenges were faced as the customer wished to leave the ballroom rear doors open in order to create more of a communal flow into the reception/networking area. A carefully designed audio system ensured sound was clear, and crisp & feedback free for delegates but crucially did not spill into the reception area.

Overspill Room

In this area, we were tasked with setting up a ‘live feed’ from the Ballroom to accommodate additional guests & increase the capacity of the main room. The overspill room featured a PA system link & 4x 75” Ultra HD Plasma Displays wirelessly linked to a camera in the ballroom so guests could see & hear the presentations taking place. Branded Set Flats & High power LED uplighting were utilised to brand the space & re-create the look & feel of the main room.

Break out Rooms

Running parallel with the Ballroom were three other break-out rooms, each with its own PA system, microphones, screen/projector & stage lighting package. Each room benefitted from one of our senior technicians to ensure all technology performed faultlessly.

Conference Reception

In the conference reception area, HAV supplied yet more high-power LED uplighters as well as a 3m x 2m ground-stacked video wall to display the schedule, event messages & sponsor logos.


”We were delighted to award HAV with the production contract for our annual conference..their attention to detail in the tender process was impressive & carried through to the event itself, which went seamlessly. Many thanks to the team!”


Mark Jones, Events & Communications Manager, Heathrow

heathrow-stage-set-staging conference-stage-set-projection-screen Heathrow Set