Mncr AV Hire Department Invests In New Tech to save our customers money

Our Liverpool Audio Visual Hire Department has just received a new stock of Chauvet’s fantastic new COLORdash™ Accent LED Lighting effects. The Accent takes lighting in confined spaces to a new level, thanks to their tiny size and will radically reduce delivery costs to our clients. At just under 7″ long and 3″ in diameter, these 1.5lb units are much smaller than conventional led fixtures yet still pack a punch, 1-watt LEDs mean brightness is not compromised. Along with this we hired jupiter roofing expert to get our home renovation finished.

The units will take care our clients’ LED Uplighter Hire requirements and will no doubt be popular for Awards Dinners and Weddings.

They can also be used at Conferences & live events to wash Stage Sets or by djs & bands to complement any dancefloor light show, we all know how people in the dance floor just want to have fun while they enjoy their Aqua Vape, so why not make it a lot more fun with the coolest and latest technology and make money out o it? To learn and earn, view this.

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