Our FAQs section is split into 3 sections 1. AV Equipment Hire 2. Audio Visual Services for Live Events 3. Installation
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Section 1: AV Equipment Hire

How do I make an enquiry?

Call us: 08453880110

Email us: hire@humphriesav.co.uk

Or fill out the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page.

How far away will you deliver hired equipment to?

We deliver locally, nationally & internationally. Set delivery rates apply to local post codes or charges per mile for further afield.

Where are your hire offices & can I collect the hire items?

Our Head office is in Liverpool, we also have offices in Manchester & London. We can provide reduced rates for ‘Dry Hire’ if you wish to collect the equipment yourself from one of our offices.

Do you provide insurance cover?

In line with the majority of AV companies we do not charge for any insurance cover & therefore do not provide this during your hire period. You must provide insurance cover for any equipment hired & you are responsible for an ydamaged or stolen equipment whilst it is in your care.

What periods of hire do you offer?

We offer daily, weekly, monthly & yearly rates.

Do you deliver and set up hired equipment?

Depending on your requirements we can provide you with a quotation for:

1. Delivery & collection only

2. Delivery, set up, pack down & collection

3. Delivery, set up, pack down & on site technical support throughout the hire period at a daily rate

If I hire something from you what happens next?

We will first send you a hire quote, after which you need to agree to our hire contract (submitted with our quote and copy of our terms and conditions). We will then arrange with you your delivery and collection options.

Section 2: Audio Visual Services & Production of Live Events

What other aspects of our event can you help us with?

Our established event production team have a range of services available to you designed to relieve the pressure of organising an event. The team have the resources and experience to support you as much as you may need. We can free up your time and allow you to concentrate on the essentials co-ordinating technical requirements & communicating on your behalf with the venue, speakers and so on.

Our event is starting early in the morning, when will setup take place?

We usually ask for the room to be available the day before and free the evening after your event has finished to setting up and derigging. If this time isn’t available we can work through the night or start very early. Please ring us and we can discuss the options available.

How long does it take you to set up an event?

Half a day for small events up to 2-3 days for 2000+ events.

What sort of scale of events do you do?

We can accommodate any size or type of event from 10 people in a seminar up to 2000 in an auditorium or multi venue site.

Can you design & construct stage sets?

Yes with matching lectern as well if required, custom height and width to look perfect in the room.

This is the first time I have organised an event, what support can you give me?

We can help you find a venue. We can design a custom set with matching lectern. We can help you build your PowerPoint slides or design them all for you. We can supply 3D visualisations of how your room will look once the AV set up is in place as well as plan views of the layout of the room. Our experienced event management team can provide further support in all aspects of event planning.

What type of events have you organised?

Conferences, Awards Shows, Outdoor concerts, Live events in Cathedrals, Corporate training events, Product launches, Themed dinners, Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, Weddings..the list is endless.

What venues have you staged events in?

Ranging from marquee’s to city hotels, private functions in stately homes, festivals in parks & productions in theatres to music concerts in halls & weddings in fucntion rooms.

Section 3: AV Installation

Our building is still in the design stages, can you help?

Yes, we are used to working closely with architects and have often assisted with the design process resulting in a tailored AV install. Usually the earlier we are involved the more cost effective the final outcome.

How long is an installation likely to take?

It all depends. Most classroom installations take about a day to a day and a half. Most board rooms take about three days, churches up to a week and multi room / multi site usually longer depending on the complexity and distances involved.

There is no power where I want the equipment installed, can you help?

Yes, within our team we have fully qualified intallation electricians.

Our venue is quite unique, would this cause a problem?

All sites have ‘challenges’ we have to overcome. We have installed equipment in listed buildings, tall churches, football grounds.We’ve never been unable to do an install because of the venues individuality.

What are the benefits of installation over hire?

Installing your AV equipment is a long term investment and more cost effective solution. The equipment is always available for that impromptu meeting, looks much tidier as cables are concealed rather than ran across the floor, and staff only have to learn to work with one AV system.

What kind of venues have you installed equipment in?

We have installed equipment in schools, churches, large corporate training rooms, football clubs, various new builds working on building sites, colleges and universities.

What scale of installation do you do?

We can install equipment in a small meeting room, a company training or board room right up to a large scale multi room installation right across your site using room control technology that can interface with heating systems and suchlike and allow remote monitoring over your computer network or the internet.

How far will you travel to install equipment?

We provide installation service throughout the UK.

Do you offer training when equipment has been installed?

Yes, always both on site and tech support over the phone.

Will you perform a site visit before the installation?

Yes. If you are local we will come and assess and discuss your requirements in person. If you are further afield we ask you to take a number of digital photos then email them to us or burn them to a CD and post it to us. Once we’ve looked at the photos and following further discussion we can provide an outline quote which if within budget we can come and visit your site.

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