Plasma Screen Hire


Plasma Screen Hire

Plasma screens are part of our range of monitor hire equipment and are perfect for presenting videos, slideshows and graphics.

When it comes to presentations, we understand the significance of outstanding visuals. That's why we offer a wide range of LED Plasma TV screens that are perfect for connecting with your Laptops, Macbooks, DVD, or Blu-Ray Players. Our comprehensive package includes LED Plasma TV screens, audio cabling, and even 6ft TV Stands and Shelves if needed.

One of the key advantages of LED screens is their ability to handle high ambient lighting conditions, making them an ideal choice for events held in daylight. Unlike other display options, LED Plasma screens remain unaffected by bright natural light, ensuring excellent picture quality throughout the day. Whether you're hosting a conference or a daytime event, our large plasma LED screens are the go-to medium for delivering outstanding visuals that won't be compromised by room lighting.

Furthermore, our displays are designed to integrate with various devices seamlessly. With the ability to connect to laptops and DVD players and even read media directly from USB, our plasma screens provide flexibility and convenience in accessing and showcasing your content.

When it comes to visual impact, reliability, and adaptability to different lighting conditions, our LED Plasma screen installation is the perfect solution for ensuring your presentations make a lasting impression. Trust us to deliver the highest quality visuals that captivate your audience and elevate your event.

Plasma display mounted to exhibition stand

Key features of Plasma Screen technology

  • Exceptional Image Quality: Plasma screens provide excellent image quality, especially when displaying deep blacks and vibrant colours. They have high contrast ratios, which means they can accurately represent the subtle variations between dark and light shades, resulting in a more dynamic and lifelike picture.
  • Wide viewing angles: Plasma screens have superior viewing angles to many other display technologies. This means the picture remains consistent and sharp even when viewed from different angles or in large rooms, making them suitable for group settings and home theatre environments.
  • Motion handling: Plasma screens excel at handling fast-motion content, such as sports events or action movies. They have quick response times and can display rapid movements without blurring or ghosting. This feature contributes to a smooth and fluid viewing experience.
  • Uniform screen illumination: Plasma screens typically have uniform screen illumination across the entire display, ensuring consistent brightness levels across the panel. This uniformity helps eliminate the "halo effect" or uneven backlighting that can be observed in some other display technologies.

Popular uses

  • Conference (as repeater screens)
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Product Launches
  • Office Meetings

Our screens are offered in the following sizes with a basic guideline:

  • 50” HD Display
  • 55’’ HD Display
  • 60’’ UHD Display
  • 65’’ UHD Display
  • 70’’ UHD Display
  • 75’’ UHD Display
  • 80’’ UHD Display
  • 85’’ UHD Display

We stock Panasonic, LG & Cello Android Screens.

All screens can be provided with the option of Unicol ‘K Base’ Wheeled Plasma Trolleys (eye level), Trilite Truss Stands (eye level) or with wall mount brackets.

Discounts available for event organisers booking multiple units.

Plasma Display Hire @ Exhibition Centre Liverpool

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