Our Process: Stage Set Design, Hire & Construction

1) Stage Set Design

Our skilled graphic design team will provide you with a variety of visuals so you full understand the ‘look’, size & layout of the proposed stage set. This will incorporate your chosen theme, brand’s colour scheme & logos.

2) Stage Set Hire

Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed with our design we will commence the build process.

3) Set Delivery & Construction on site

On Site our technicians and carpenters will set up in a timely manner using utmost care to ensure your set is kept in perfect unmarked condition.

Custom Stage Sets

Our in house design & construction team can produce a highly individual stage set to your requirements & vision. Designs can be turned around quickly & changes of style catered to with ease. The set can be used on a one off basis, & the style changed each year for annual events, or alternatively it can be used as part of a roadshow type format & transported to multiple venues around the country. We can also manage all custom elements including ordering of graphics & printed materials. For repeat clients any assets such as printed graphics, foamex branding, gobos or artwork can be stored at one of our warehouses post event (free of charge) until the next event!

Stock Stage Sets

From Conferences to Awards ceremonies, Catwalks to Gala Dinners often a professional & impactful stage backdrop can be produced using just stock stage sets which can then be simply re-covered (or even better, illuminated) in your choice of colour. This type of stage set design uses no custom built panels & means the hire cost is kept to an absolute minimum so more budget is available for sound, lighting & staging.

Here’s an example of a large catwalk event that used an entirely stock stage set that was illuminated in a vivid wash of colour using LED lighting fixtures to create impact.

Custom Furniture Design

Our carpentry team are often engaged to produce other elements of furniture for events including panel tables, awards tables, lecterns, props, translation booths & bespoke stage platforms..please ask!

Conference Stage Set Examples

Awards Stage Set Examples

Conference Set Hire in the UK & Europe

Contact the local conference stage site hire experts:

National enquiries: 03453880110

London conference stage set hire: 0203 634 9670

Manchester conference stage set hire: 0160 814 8405

Liverpool conference stage set hire: 0151 375 9070


Are you ready to start the planning process?

If you know what you want, please contact us for a quotation. If you require some friendly advice & guidance then don’t hesitate to ask.